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Soda Fountain Carbonators

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How a Carbonator Makes Carbonated WaterSoda fountain carbonators are a key component of any soda fountain. Carbonators are the reason your favorite fizzy beverage is, well.. fizzy! By combining regular water with carbon dioxide (CO2) in a tank under pressure, carbonators create the soda water (a.k.a. "seltzer" or "sparkling water") that gets mixed with the syrup to make the final soda beverage.

Post-mix vs. Pre-mix

When soda fountains combine soda water with syrup at the dispensing valve, this is called "post-mix". Most soda fountains are post mix, but there are some that dispense "pre-mix" soda. Pre-mix soda is literally the same as the 2-liter bottles you buy at the grocery store being dispensed through a fountain. There is a much greater margin for profit in a post-mix system than a pre-mix system.

The video below illustrates how carbonated water is made and also how the rest of the soda fountain works:

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